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Loyal Besties Co.

Healthy Homemade Treats

Healthy Homemade Treats

Due to licensing restrictions, Loyal Besties homemade treats CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN MISSOURI.  Please do not order homemade treats to ship to any other state.

Loyal Besties Co. natural, healthy homemade dog and cat treats have made quite a name for themselves.  We here at Loyal Besties often hear from parents that their pet will no longer eat store bought treats after having tasted ours.  Each flavor is made with…

  • 100% human quality ingredients just like those found in your own kitchen
  • Five or fewer ingredients
  • No added salt, sugar, preservatives, or chemicals
  • Strict recipe consistency as required for Missouri Dept. of Agriculture inspection approval

Intended to be fed as a treat or reward, not as a solitary source of nutrition. 

When refrigerated, have an average shelf life of one month.

Currently, Loyal Besties homemade treats cannot be shipped outside of Missouri as per government regulations.  Crossing our fingers…this may soon change so watch our Facebook or Instagram for notice of such.  Then, you too can join the growing loyal family of Loyal Besties treat lovers.

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Care Instructions

Refrigerate Loyal Besties Co. homemade treats to prevent mold, as the do not contain any added preservatives.

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